Croatian Alphabet – Basic Pronunciation Guide

The Croatian language uses a Latin alphabet. It is called abceda or alfabet. Most every letter is pronounced. There are no silent letters as in English.
Aa a in father. The sound is a cross between u in sun, and au sound in ought or hot
Bb b in ball, bet
Cc s in nets or cats. Sounds like eats. Ex: kartica (card) sounds like kart-eats-a. Never pronounced with a k or s sound like in English.
Čč similar to the ch in chair , church, Try moving lower jaw forward a bit for Čč compared to Ćć
Ćć similar to the ch in chair, church. For some native speakers the Ćć is softer than Čč.
Dd d in day
Ee e in med, ten
Đđ j in Jill, g in ginger – like a D with a soft j following it
Dž dž dge in edge, junk, jungle, jam
Ff f in fun, food
Gg g in glass
Hh h in history or hello but harder and breathier; sounds something like the ch in Bach, Try open mouth smiling just before forming the sound.
Ii ee in feet, sheet
Jj y in yes. Jj is always pronounced like the english letter y. So jaja (egg) sounds like yah-yah.
Kk k in key
Ll l in lake
Lj lj ll in million
Mm m in market
Nn n in nettle
Nj nj ni in onion; canyon, cognac
Oo cross between o in go (but shorter and cut off), and the a in saw. Drop tongue and jaw down.
Pp p in peak, pickle
Rr r is trilled (hit the tip of your tongue on the roof of your mouth)
Ss s in silly
Šš sh in shush or s in sugar, but a little more forceful
Tt t in tourist
Uu oo in wood
Vv v in vampire
Zz z in zest, zen, zebra
Žž s in treasure, measure, leisure, vision

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